Seed Varieties

We offer several different seed varieties. Please let us know if you can't find what you're looking for. In addition to the wheat varieties listed here, we also grow pinto bean and soybean seed. Please contact us for more information.

Hard Red Spring Wheat

LCS Prime – A Cut Above

LCS Prime has very good yield potential but is more balanced in protein content than many varieties on the market. LCS Prime produces very high test weight grain.

SY Ingmar – Top Choice for Economic Return

SY Ingmar was the most planted wheat variety in North Dakota in 2017. Medium maturity for greater yield potential in high performance environments. Broadly adapted, very high protein potential and a solid disease package with a SY Soren pedigree.

  • Very high protein plus high yield potential
  • Strong disease package
  • Moderate tolerance to Fusarium head blight and foliar diseases
  • Excellent stem rust and moderate leaf rust tolerance 
  • Very good milling quality characteristics 
  • Broadly adapted medium maturity semi-dwarf
  • Strong straw strength
  • Very good test weight

SY Valda – The Yield Warrior

Top end yield potential from slightly later maturity coupled with strong disease tolerance that keeps leaves green longer, extending kernel fill time. Strongstanding with very good test weight and moderate protein levels—an excellent complement when planting SY Ingmar and SY Soren.

  • Top end yield potential and very high test weight 
  • Medium-late maturity variety with extended green leaf duration for maximum yield
  • Semi-dwarf height
  • Very good straw strength
  • Very good disease package including stem and leaf rusts, tan spot and Fusarium head blight tolerance

Edible Beans

ND Palomino – Slow Darkening Pinto Bean

ND Palomino slow darkening pinto bean was jointly released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and the USDA-ARS in 2016. ND Palomino slow darkening pinto bean offers the slow darkening trait and competitive agronomic performance.

ND-307 Pinto Beans

ND-307 pinto bean was released in 2008. This high yielding variety has very good seed size, shape, and appearance. It is semi-erect with good lodging resistance and medium maturity. ND-307 is resistant to bean common mosaic virus (BCMV). This variety has white flowers and dark green leaf color.