Ongstad Farm

The roots of Ongstad Seed go back to Norway where Grandfather Sofus was born in Hadsel near the Lofloten Islands above the Arctic Circle. Grandmother Rena Asleson came from Trondheim, Norway. Sofus came to Wisconsin with his family in 1869 as a boy. A short time later his family moved to Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, and, in about 1893, Sofus came to homestead in Manfred, North Dakota. (The address was later changed from Manfred to Harvey when the Manfred post office was closed.) Herb was born in 1911, and Margaret joined in 1948 from Tyler, Minnesota. Bill was born in 1951, and Anne from Robinson, North Dakota, joined in 1974. Sam was born in 1975, and Amy from Harvey joined in 2004. Matthew, James, and Keziah are now growing up on the farm.

Wheat, barley, oats and flax have long been grown on the Ongstad farm. Certified seed was started by Herb, and now the farm specializes in spring wheat, pinto beans, and soybean seed along with market corn and alfalfa.