My Latest Harvest Ever

For the very first time, Bill is preparing his combine to begin harvesting in late August. “It’s the latest we’ve ever started,” he tells the Red River Farm Network. Listen as he discusses his adjusted expectations after an usual season.

A Prediction of 40 Bu/A Nearby

The Wheat Quality Council’s spring wheat quality tour just came through North Dakota, and I went to the reporting session in Devil’s Lake (about 75 miles from me) to hear what they had to say. The quality tour reviews for spring and winter wheat and estimates yield based on plants per row, row spacing and kernel counts. This year, they crunched the numbers and predicted yields in the area to be not much higher than 40 bu/A, which is right about average. Read more...

‘Strange’ Season Continues, Pushing Back Harvest

Bill says harvest is still another two or more weeks away. “Things have just slowed up,” he says. Listen as Bill tells the Red River Farm Network why he doesn’t see his situation as unique during this “strange” season.

Hopeful—Even As Temperatures Rise

Despite a recent stretch of hot weather, Bill remains optimistic about the condition of his wheat. Harvest is only about two to three weeks away, he tells the Red River Farm Network. Click here to listen to his latest radio update.

Early-Season Strength Carries Crop All Season

As of late June, our yield potential was looking pretty strong. Although we planted late, the cool, wet weather really helped the wheat develop. The higher temperatures that followed elongated jointing and set the crop up nicely for flag leaf development and heading. It really goes to show how important early-season crop protection and stand establishment can be – because our wheat crop developed strongly early on, it was resilient to less-than-ideal conditions as the season went on. Read more...