2017 Harvest

2017 harvest is wrapped up. Looking ahead to next year, we have great AgriPro varieties SY Ingmar and SY Valda, and LCS Prime. For beans, we have ND 307 and ND Palomino. Call Sam at 701-341-2935 to order high yielding, high protein seed for 2018.

2016 Harvest

Finished corn harvest before the snow!!  Now on to field work and fertilizing for the next crop.  We have great AgriPro varieties SY Soren, SY Ingmar and SY Valda.  Call Sam at 701-341-2935 to order high yielding, high protein seed for 2017.

Harvesting Pintos and Prepping for Spring Wheat Planting

I still can’t believe we were able to wrap up wheat harvest in the month of August, especially considering how late crops went in the ground this year. A slight update from my previous post: We ended up yielding between 60 and 80 bu/A, with SY Soren leading the AgriPro® varieties that we planted. Read more...

A Tremendous Surprise

Harvest has gone well in north central North Dakota – exceptionally well. As it turns out, the wheat crop did much better than expected, hovering between 70 and 90 bu/A. SY Soren and new SY Rowyn from AgriPro® were two of the better-yielding varieties this year. It’s been a strangely amazing season – the cool weather that followed the season’s early rains was excellent for grain development, so much so that this is actually my second or third best year ever (the top season was 2012). Read more...

Cool, Wet Conditions Made Being Late Okay

While planting was delayed this year, Bill Ongstad says Mother Nature lent his operation a helping hand by keeping the weather cool and wet – great for wheat. Watch as he recounts the challenges of 2013: Read more...